COVID Update on Procedures- February 2021

A message from Shark Shredding about moving into Phase 4.

Dear Shark Shredding Customers and Community:

As the current health crisis continues and progress is made in getting the pandemic under control, with vaccines being administered, we at Shark Shredding remain committed to our client’s safety and well being.

In all aspects of our daily procedures, we continue to adapt our services to align with the current State of Illinois Phases.   Honoring capacity limits, following any indoor and outdoor guides, and limiting the allowable occupants at our facility.

We will continue to take the following precautions and initiatives:

  • All Shark Shredding service employees wear required masks and gloves
  • Shredding equipment (i.e. trucks, service carts, equipment, keys, etc. ) are sanitized daily
  • Team members continue to monitor signs of illness, and if necessary, are encouraged to seek medical attention

Together with our clients, we continue to make progress in doing our part to work towards an end to the current health crisis.

Thank you for your understanding, commitment to the current health guidelines, and your support of local businesses.  Let’s continue to make 2021 a safe, healthy, and strong year.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 708-388-011 or  It has always been our commitment to strong communication and remaining close to our clients and community.  Although times like these are uncertain, we remain committed to each and every customer and will continue to ensure your safety and health as we proceed with our important work.

Let’s all do our part to make this Phase 4 a success and remain hopeful for a healthy future.

Thank you,

The Shark Shredding Team