Protect Your Data With Business Shredding Services

Protect your company’s confidential information with secure business paper shredding.  Shark Shredding will protect your private information that is cost-efficient, safe and compliant.

We provide custom document shredding solutions that are convenient and dependable. In addition, we offer weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and in some cases quarterly  shredding agreements. Whether you are looking for regularly scheduled document shredding, or a one-time purge, we have a solution tailored to meet your business needs.

Leading, Locally and Family Owned Shredding Company

Located In Mokena, IL,  Shark Shredding is one of Chicago’s leading paper and document shredding companies. Since 2005, we have been the trusted choice of businesses and residents. Our fleet of trucks run scheduled routes to provide certified document shredding services to all types of businesses and organizations.  As a result, Shark Shredding can fit your business or residential paper shredding needs any day of the work week.

Scheduled Onsite Shredding
Security Console LockedSecurity Console Inside

Regularly Scheduled On-Site Business Paper Shredding

If your business requires regular destruction of sensitive data to remain compliant, you can benefit from our regularly scheduled business paper shredding service. We will partner with you to customize a plan that is specific to your business needs. Further,  a lockable security console that meets data regulation and HIPAA compliance is provided.  Our locked security equipment containers are placed at your facility, emptied, destroyed, and then recycled on a regularly scheduled basis.

Benefits of regularly scheduled onsite Shredding:

  • Cost effective
  • Regularly scheduled service visits
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Save on internal labor cost and ensure all data is destroyed
  • Shredded paper materials are 100% recycled
  • Certificate of Destruction issued for proof of protection

Premier Console Service

Upgrade your office space with our Premier Consoles. Available in a variety of finishes such as cherry, maple, and expresso, our Premier Consoles complement any office decor and blend into your office environment. Plus, the locked units provide secure protection for all of your sensitive documents since they are locked units. Ask us about our Premier Console Service for your business.


On-Site Purge Shredding

On-Site Purge Shredding Service

Need to dispose of a large volume of documents?  Overstuffed files represent a major risk to your business. Our affordable On-Site Purge Service is the best solution to securely clear out clutter in your office.

Our business paper shredding experts can assess your needs to develop a plan to dispose of your documents.  Most importantly, we take the same security precautions as with our on-site scheduled services. Ten boxes or hundreds, we can assist with any size destruction project.

  • Professionally trained staff
  • Scheduling to meet your specific needs
  • No limit of boxes: just a few or a full office
  • Shredded paper materials are 100% recycled
  • Certificate of Destruction issued for proof of protection
Mobile Services

Mobile Shredding Service When You Need It

Whether it is just a one-time purge or you need something more consistent, Shark Shredding  will evaluate your needs and negotiate an affordable and reasonable price to satisfy your secure business paper shredding requirements.  When applicable, we will provide each client with either a locked security console, security cart or a HIPAA compliant console, We offer a variety of shredding agreements that will help solve your need for organization, space and compliance.



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